Baby and Kids Stuff For Sale in Parris Island, SC

TCS SKU: 1559 3' of thin wall, ultra-flexible black heat shrink tubing with an outside diameter of 3/32nd's. We use this tubing on many of our installations where thicker wires are being used or multiple wires are being spliced together. Tubing comes in 6 pieces each 6" long. I am a full time Digitrax/TCS/LokSound dealer. I stock most of their products and I am willing to special order anything...
TCS SKU: 1708 Universal speaker housing for the TCS 20mm round speaker (included). This simple, open design channels the front and rear audio out of their respective sides of the speaker enclosure. This housing should only be used in models with a open upper shell such as see through fan housings, exhaust stacks, etc. etc. Includes: 1x UNIV-SH3-C Speaker Surround 1x 20mm Round WOWSpeaker I am a...
TCS SKU: 1707 Universal speaker housing for the TCS 28mm round speaker (included). This housing has limited use because of the open back however it can be useful in some situations. It can be useful for example for mounting the speaker on the underside of a coal load in the tender. It should only be used in situations where the sound coming out of one side of the speaker is sealed and ported ou...
TCS SKU: 1711 Universal speaker housing for the TCS 25mm x 14mm speaker (included). This simple, closed design channels both the front and rear audio out the front of the speaker housing. These micro speakers do not work without being mounted to an enclosure (like this one) or to a piece of the locomotive shell. Includes: 1x UNIV-SH4-O Speaker Surround 1x 25mm x 14mm WOWSpeaker I am a full time...
This pet is in PERFECT condition! She has a great bobble and she comes from a smoke free household!
AUTHENTIC SAFETY BRAINIAC NEW HAVE FUN AND LEARN TO BE A SAFETY BRAINIAC FINISH THE PUZZLE first AND YOU COULD WIN THE GAME RACE AROUND THE BOARD SHOWING YOUR GREAT SMARTS 1-8 PLAYERS 5-12 yrS five TO 7 yr OLDS MAY NEED HELP PLAY NO SPECIAL KNOWLEDGE REQUIRED This item has not been used. It is new and it is authentic. The pictures are of the actual item You can reward the winners with "You're A...
TCS SKU: 1320 3' of thin wall, ultra-flexible tubing with an inside diameter of approximately 0.09" (1.5 mm). We use this tubing on many of our installations as well as on our quick connectors. Both flexible, strong, and thin, this heat shrink tubing works exceptionally well for both 30 and 32 AWG wire. I am a full time Digitrax/TCS/LokSound dealer. I stock most of their products and I am willi...
TCS WOW101-KA Steam #1517 version four Featuring: Improved Audio Assist now adjusts sounds and functions! No CV s needed! 5 NEW Chuff Sets (Optional Articulation for all chuff sets) Total: 9 Chuff Sets 20+ NEW Whistles (including Buffalo Creek and Gauley #4) Total: 60 Whistles 22+ NEW Bells . Total: 40 Bells Rotate Whistles and bells with the press of a button. No CV s needed! 9 Air Compressors...
TCS NEW NEW NEW WOW Diesel Sound Conversion Kit #1771 SKU: 1771 This WDK-ATH-2 WOWKit is a DCC sound total conversion solution which includes all of the components necessary to convert your engine to WOWSound with a built-in Keep-Alive . Purchasing these various items in a single kit not only provides an economical solution it also gives you the assurance that you'll have everything you need fo...
Beautiful twill gray and white chevron design with green edges, 8x10 rug from West Elm, originally $600. Only 2 years old in non-smoking, pet-free, chemical-free home.Small amount of fraying on one edge, very easily covered up by a piece of furniture.
Brand New! Stylish campaign chair from World Market. Can be used anywhere in your home, living room, dining room, or office. Made of wood and metal. Neutral colors for any decor.
Brand new chair, never used! $90 Dark brown, distressed, leather-looking microfiber accent chair from World Market. Has bronze grommets edging every corner, dark brown wooden legs. From a non-smoking, pet-free, green home.
Beautiful antique white distressed style bookshelf with a natural light brown top, glass door and iron handle. Has lots of great storage, with four large shelves. Light brown marks visible in photo is natural wood markings coming through white paint. Attractive legs on this bookshelf make it the perfect accent furniture piece for any living space or office. 50" tall x 21.5" wide x 16.5" deep
Purchased and never used
New box
Purchased and never used
New condition
Used maybe two times my son did not prefer.
Good condition. Two removable glass pieces. Small paint chip on top. 54" long 14" wide 28" tall. PU Bluffton.
Very good condition. Comes with a desk chair.
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